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BRAMHA KUMARI Products like Batch, Rakhi, Rings, Pendants & Many More…

Our all products are BIS Hallmarked & Diamonds are Certified, you will get certificate with each product.

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As all special and holy festival of world. Because Brahma Kumari connect,s world, we celebrate this as brother and sister relation festival. Here in Brahma Kumari we believe all our big Sisters and Dadiji as our “Brahma BABA” so we greet them as per our Soul mentor. That,s why we gift Rakhi in Raksha Bandhan.
In beliveing our brothers & sisters believe they had big heart for that we have Gold and Silver Bramha Kumari Products
Once we souls and Brother of us souls – Supreme Father – lived together in the Soul World (Paramdham). Later, we souls descended on the earth to play our respective roles and starte.d taking rebirths. Though the soul started taking rebirths it had a memory that God is my brother. This has been expressed in the path of devotion through a very beautiful song.

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