Diamond Mangalsutra

Diamond Mangalsutra is Sutra for Life

Mangalsutra is in culture of Indian People. It is mandatory to wear a mangalsutra to every woman after marriage. As Diamond Mangalsutra looks very beautiful, so it is close to the heart of every woman.  It is also status and fashion symbol nowadays. Shree Sai Jewellers are manufacturers of Diamond Mangalsutra.  We invite you to visit our website and choose designs of your taste and order online. We also take bulk orders.

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 Mangalsutra Rules

The symbolism of Mangalsutra

Worn as a symbol of marital status, it is a promise made by the husband to the wife of staying together forever. It also symbolizes the union of two souls (husband and wife), and protects them from all the evil in the world.

History of Wearing Mangalsutra Married Hindu Women

It is an ornament (more specifically a necklace) worn by women to signify marital status. In India, Hindu married women wear it as an auspicious thread of goodwill and love. Therefore, the groom tying the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck during the wedding rituals is considered a sacred Hindu custom. The origin of Mangalsutra as a sign of a married woman dates back to somewhere around 6th Century AD. A single yellow thread was tied around the bride before it came into existence. The sole purpose of this yellow thread was to keep the evil eye away from the couple. This yellow thread used to be tied around the girl’s hand and not the neck. But, in the present times, if one observes the yellow thread, it still exists as a custom in South India where the talli or Mangalsutra is a yellow chain with a gold pendant.

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