Natural Emerald (Panna) Ring in Asthadhatu in Adjustable Size




  1. Gemstone :-Ashtadhatu Panna (Emerald) Ring
  2. Emerald gemstone will encourage your passion and zest for life
  3. The energies of gemstone will balance your heart and instill confidence in you. It will remind you to love yourself as much as you love others
  4. 100% Natural gemstone for astrological positive effect
  5. Asthadhatu Ring Adjustable in Size

Panna (Emerald) Gem Stone Hand made Ring in Asthadhatu. Panna Stands for Budh Ratna its Color is Green and Shape is oval, One should wear Panna for prosperity, Business as it is budh Ratna Stands for education it is also good for Students and the person who want to learn something. it is shubh ratna so anyone can wear this. We sell all kinds of natural gems please feel free for any inquiry. Asthdhatu means 8 types of metal in it. It is made in Asthudhatu. Ring is Adjustible.

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