Refund Policy

All web-site customers are eligible for a lifetime refund/buyback of the product. We guarantee you best value for your investment in 22K/18K gold jewelry and certified diamond jewelry purchased with us, provided you follow and agree to the following rules and procedures.

Considering that the product is not damaged and is in proper weight as mentioned in original invoice with no studded stones/diamonds damaged/slipped , the below refund/exchange policy would apply

Lifetime 80% Return/Buyback Policy:

  • The below process is adopted for all the gold jewelry and diamond jewelry purchased only online with us from for refund
  1. 22 Karat Plain Gold Jewelry Refund Policy            = ( Gold weight of product ) x ( 22k gold price )
  2. 22 Karat CZ Signity Gold Jewelry Refund Policy  = ( Gold weight of product ) x ( 22k  gold price )
  3. 18 Karat Gold Jewelry Refund Policy                      = ( Gold weight of product ) x ( 18k gold price )
  4. Studded Jewelry / Gemstone Uncut Jewelry for which stones are priced separately will be bought back as per the below pattern = ((22k/18k Gold weight x ( 22k/18k gold price )) + (Sale Gemstone price – 20%))   Note: Gemstone refund only apply when it is undamaged condition.
  5. Diamond jewelry will be bought back as per the below pattern
    = ((18k/22k Gold weight x ( 18k/22k gold price )) + (Sale diamond price – 20%)).

100% Exchange Policy on Diamond Jewelry:
Diamond jewelry will be exchanged back as per the below pattern
= ((18k/22k Gold weight x ( 18k/22k gold price )) + (Sale diamond price ))*
** The exchanged new diamond jewelry should be 20% higher in diamond weight and also in diamond value

  • Kindly note that the refund will be issued within 20 days from the day of receipt of the merchandise at our India office in ABUROAD, Rajasthan.
  • Kindly note for exchange / buyback / repairs / polish , the customer has to arrange the product in any metro city in India which has a operational domestic airport , at a residential address . We do not have any shipment return / buyback / exchange / repair facility/service outside India
  • The refund issued will be after the deduction of shipping and handling charges, import duty, duties and taxes other additional charges.
  • Making charges / Wastage / Gemstone studding charges / weaving charges / certification charges will not be refunded in exchange/buyback
  • All the refunds will be issued only when original invoice along with certificate & product is returned in India to the account number / credit card of the original payee
  • All the refunds will be issued only to the account number / credit card of the original payee in the same currency as received in ordering the product.
  • No resale value on CZ Stones / Color Stones and Pearl.
  • Ruby, Emerald, Uncut flat diamonds are classified as gemstones

    Cancellation Policy:
    Orders once placed cannot be cancelled or changed, in case, still you want to cancel/change the order, you will be charged 25% of the final total product price towards cancellation – ( Cancellation Fee ) and the rest difference amount will be refunded to you . Since all our product orders are made to order , hence order cancellation is not acceptable

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